fictional character

fictional character
an imaginary person represented in a work of fiction (play or film or story)

she is the main character in the novel

Hypernyms: ↑imaginary being, ↑imaginary creature
Instance Hyponyms:
Aladdin, ↑Argonaut, ↑Babar, ↑Beatrice, ↑Beowulf, ↑Bluebeard, ↑Bond, ↑James Bond, ↑Brer Rabbit, ↑Bunyan, ↑Paul Bunyan, ↑John Henry, ↑Cheshire cat, ↑Chicken Little, ↑Cinderella, ↑Colonel Blimp, ↑Dracula, ↑Don Quixote, ↑El Cid, ↑Fagin, ↑Falstaff, ↑Sir John Falstaff, ↑Father Brown, ↑Faust, ↑Faustus, ↑Frankenstein, ↑Frankenstein's monster, ↑Goofy, ↑Gulliver, ↑Hamlet, ↑Horatio Hornblower, ↑Captain Horatio Hornblower, ↑Iago, ↑Inspector Maigret, ↑Commissaire Maigret, ↑Kilroy, ↑Lear, ↑King Lear, ↑Lilliputian, ↑Marlowe, ↑Philip Marlowe, ↑Micawber, ↑Wilkins Micawber, ↑Mother Goose, ↑Mr. Moto, ↑Othello, ↑Pangloss, ↑Pantaloon, ↑Perry Mason, ↑Peter Pan, ↑Pied Piper, ↑Pied Piper of Hamelin, ↑Pierrot, ↑Pluto, ↑Huckleberry Finn, ↑Huck Finn, ↑Rip van Winkle, ↑Ruritanian, ↑Tarzan, ↑Tarzan of the Apes, ↑Tom Sawyer, ↑Uncle Remus, ↑Uncle Tom, ↑Uncle Sam, ↑Sherlock Holmes, ↑Holmes, ↑Simon Legree, ↑Sinbad the Sailor, ↑Sinbad, ↑Snoopy, ↑Ali Baba, ↑Emile, ↑protagonist, ↑agonist, ↑Houyhnhnm, ↑Little John, ↑Little Red Riding Hood, ↑Raskolnikov, ↑Rodya Raskolnikov, ↑Robin Hood, ↑Robinson Crusoe, ↑Rumpelstiltskin, ↑Shylock, ↑Tristan, ↑Tristram, ↑Iseult, ↑Isolde, ↑Scaramouch, ↑Scaramouche, ↑Svengali, ↑Todd, ↑Sweeney Todd, ↑Trilby, ↑Walter Mitty, ↑Yahoo, ↑Arthur, ↑King Arthur, ↑Galahad, ↑Sir Galahad, ↑Gawain, ↑Sir Gawain, ↑Guinevere, ↑Guenevere, ↑Lancelot, ↑Sir Lancelot, ↑Merlin

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